Chicago's longest running experimental music venue

Myopic Improvised/Experimental Music Series

The Myopic Improvised/Experimental Music Series is brought to you by a crew of hosts: Fred Lonberg-Holm, Julian Kirshner and Aaron Zarzutzki. This is a curated series, not an open mic. You can contact them for booking information at:

julian.kirshner at gmail dot com


aaronzarzutzki at gmail dot com


All Shows begin at 7:30pm

March 16th

Jacob Kart (guitar/electronics) + guest

March 23rd

Charlie Kirchen (bass), Dustin Laurenzi (tenor saxophone), Nate Friedman (drums)

March 30th

Kevin Kalay (electronics), Zach Schiermann (electronics)

April 6th

Neal Markowski (guitar, electronics, percussion), Owen Davis (percussion)

April 13th

Matt Murphy (prepared guitar), Albert Wildeman (bass), Aaron Zarzutzki (percussion)

April 20th

KG Price (drums) + guest

April 27th

Julian Kirshner (drums), Peter Maunu (guitar, violin), Nick Meryhew (trombone)

May 4th

Nick Mazzarella (alto saxophone), Tollef ěstvang (drums)